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A Solo Female Travelers RisingSoul Experience In Bulgaria

A Digital Nomads Expectations

Let’s preface this by saying, I expected a lot from my RisingSoul experience: a quiet bubble after many years in crowded Paris, reconnecting with nature, getting back into healthier eating, meeting new people and practicing a lot of yoga. All this whilst having a good enough wifi connection to keep up with my busy schedule and connect with the team on confrence calls it was alot to ask, but I got even more than this. 

I am a digital nomad / remote worker, and after going to many cities to work remotely, I was looking for a place to work remotely and enjoy a bit of nature at the same time. I had never been to Bulgaria before and I honestly wish I had. This country is so beautiful, and the area where the RisingSoul retreat is located in stunning lush green countryside amongst the forest and mountains. Being so close to nature literally means you can go for a small walk in the forest between calls, do big hikes on the weekend and spend your morning meditating in the courtyard while listening to the birds. The local town of Tryavna is quaint hub of historic buildings, cobbled streets, woodcraft and traditional Bulgarian restuarants.

Joining an international nomads community in central Bulgaria was an exciting first for me and it offered exactly what I was looking for. I was attracted to the RisingSoul Retreat, because I got into yoga a few months ago, and I really wanted to take my practice to the next level. By practicing everyday I was able to really improve and learn new types of yoga as the classes alternate between Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Restorative, Kundalini (which was brand new for me). I was able to achieve new postures and I am super excited about this ! My time at the RisingSoul not only made my approach to yoga better on the physical level, I was able to get a better understanding of the spiritual teachings of yoga, by practicing meditation together and reflecting together on these topics. I was also able to discover Tai Chi which I had never done before ! 

But the highlight of my stay is definitely the people and the community. I was worried as a first time female solo traveler of whether I would feel safe. And I felt so safe, welcomed and unconditionally accepted. I made friends I am sure I will keep for a long time. I just loved every moment we had together, I had so much fun, so many deep bonds in such a short amount of time. 

I will definitely come back to this little bubble of paradise. In a month, I got healthier, it brought back my desire to cook good food, I did a lot of exercise and lost a few extra kg, I gained perfect memories and deep friendships, I learned so much about myself and feel more peaceful than I have ever been before 🙂 


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