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Dive into the taste of the Balkans at Balkan Nomads! We’re all about fresh, locally sourced goodness that captures the essence of our heritage. From our kitchen to your plate, savor the authentic flavors crafted with love and tradition for a truly wholesome dining adventure.

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Healthy Meals - Balkan Nomads
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Plant Based Food Yoga

Sustainable Community Meals

Ethical and eco conscious practices are important to us at the RisingSoul Community. Therefore we are always striving to reduce waste, unnecessary journeys, avoid plastic and eat a sustainable locally sourced plant based diet. We support local producers and the village wherever we can. We recycle and are developing upcycling projects along with our own vegetable gardens and the restoration of the fruit trees and orchard on the property.

We understand that everyone has their own personal dietary needs, so don’t worry we’re not here to judge and we will always cater for you as an individual where required to the best of our ability. We eat twice a day together as a community around 10am & 17.45 pm the tea house is open through the day where you can purchase healthy snacks, lights meals, homemade treats, juices, teas & coffees.

We have adopted some abandoned puppies and a cat. So everyone around here gets involved in market day!! We also have our own plumbs, apples, grapes and berries growing on the property and began to develop a small herb and vegetable garden in the spring which is ever expandng in 2023 we have added tomatoes, peas, beans, potatoes, courgette, and other cole vegtables plus four more beds for next year and a community garden. In addition to a water saving tank to collect water for the gardens.

Our retreats include two plant-based meals a day brunch and dinner, the Chai House is open from 12.00 to 15.30 for those who wish to eat a third meal.

Chai House

The RisingSoul Community would like to thank you for your support, which enables us to share this amazing space and community experience with people from all over the world and local residents. After an incrediable first summer full of creativity and friendship. We were inspired to find a unique way to work towards our goal to enable “giving back to the community projects” and “donation only stays for those in need.”

To achieve these goals, we needed to find a way of building a non-seasonal sustainable income initiative. So, we began developing our community Chai House when we became the caretakers of an abandonned public building.

We have created a super cute space where we provide a daily salad bar with speciality teas coffees, tumeric lattes, ritual cacao and healthy homemade treats.. Our resident games master also holds a Tuesday night games night in the space and we are hoping to introduce a language night.

We also love to sell natural and homemade products such as soap and creative upcycling items from our own and local bi products such as tin planters and boulster cushions.

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