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The RisingSoul Community & BalkanNomads community is a blend of yoga coaches, solo travellers and digital nomads. Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Love Yoga?

Then book one of our digital nomad friendly Earth & Fire Community Yoga Retreats or off season NomadStays to stay at the RisingSoul Retreat

The RisingSoul Offers a community atmosphere with rustic spaces designed to reflect our collective travel experience which has enabled us to develop practical, comfortable and social spaces that allow you to work efficiently, rest and relax, keep fit and socialise in whichever way suits you best.

This space is ideal for those with a more flexible timetable that can work alongside a busier community lifestyle. We have several workspaces outdoors and a shared living room/office indoors and are able to offer some flexibility to accommodate your work commitments in addition to the coworking space.

Nomad Yoga Retreat
Balkan Nomads Yoga
Balkan Yoga Retreat
Yoga in Balkan

Working with time differences? just let the chef know if your schedule clashes with meal times and we will bring lunch to you or save you a plate.

With a community schedule including yoga, meditation classes and often other spiritual and healing practices there is always something you can join. You will join us for all plant based community meals taking away those precious hours of cooking and shopping allowing you more time to relax and join practices. You can also opt for a more independent option with the BalkanNomads self catering option as above.

Our first summer was an amazing mixture of location independent and freelance nomads along with travellers and volunteers. A big thank you to Jorin @ Economadia, Floasis who have been actively part of our first season. In our second season we were joined by an inspiring number of solo female digital nomad guests see our blog for more info. Please get in touch to discuss if you would like to use the venue for a team building exclusive hire event or workation event.

Day Trip

Luckily for our community this part of the Balkan Mountains has several well-kept secrets. And as a community we like to get out and about with our guests so whether your here for a workcation or long stay you will be welcome to join us on day trips you can find out more on our cultures & external activities below.

Balkan Nomads Adventure

Voneshta Voda Spa Resort

The closest of which is Voneshta Voda which directly translates to smelly waters! This hub for well-being is just 3km away, easily accessible by bike or car our coliving and retreat guests can enjoy the healing properties of the mountain mineral spa. Whilst the mineral spa has been a popular destination for Bulgarians, Russians and other Eastern European travellers for decades its virtually unknown in the digital nomad, backpacking and solo traveller community.

For only 10 lvs a day guests can go and use the facilities at the largest Spa Hotel in Voneshta Voda which has great facilities including an indoor pool, seasonal outdoor pool mineral lake, sauna and gym. You can also book massages with the hotels freelance masseuse who is highly recommended and provides a variety of treatments.


But if you’re a digital nomad or solo traveller who is looking for a more active pastime then you won’t be disappointed. The endless mountain tracks and trails will keep hikers and mountain bikers busy and fit with a range of hill climbs and flat routes to choose from and allowing our Co-Living solo travellers and digital nomads to keep fit and active while they are remote working.

Hiking with Balkan Nomads
Climbing with Balkan Nomads


If climbing is your thing, then you won’t have to travel too far there are a number of natural sites around the area and caving spots. Just 35 minutes north takes you to the climbing area around Veliko Tarnovo which is well rated with climbers.

Great crag with grades from 4-5a to 7b. The crag is in the sun and best climbed before it gets hot. Best time is in April-May and September-October. Some protections are with expansion bolts but most of them with chemical resin rings.

Buzludzha Monument

Perched atop the picturesque peaks of the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria, approximately 60 kilometers from BalkanNomads, lies the awe-inspiring Buzludzha Monument. This striking architectural marvel stands as a testament to Bulgaria’s tumultuous history and enduring spirit.

Built atop the site of significant historical events, the monument serves as a poignant reminder of the country’s communist past while offering breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty. With its imposing silhouette against the mountainous backdrop, Buzludzha Monument beckons visitors to delve into Bulgaria’s rich heritage and explore the stories etched into its walls.

Balkan Nomads Adventure Destination: Buzludzha Monument
Tryavna Cultural Heritage

Cultural Experience

If your a solo traveller or digital nomad in search cultural experiences then you are in for a treat the RisingSoul Co Living & Retreat Space is privileged to be in the township of one of Bulgaria’s best kept heritage towns. Tryavna is just 7km away our Co-Living community is situated just 100 metres away from the well maintained but quite mountain road, which takes you directly over the mountain cross with its spectacular views.

In just 10 minutes you will arrive to the edge of this fabulous old town. Famous for its traditional Bulgarian architecture, wood carving, museums and 11th century churches it is a popular destination for locals and international rural tourism.

The town has a wide selection of restaurants, bars, cafes with multilingual menus. Its bustling cobbled streets are a picture perfect destination for any solo traveller or digital nomad. With fantastic photo opportunities everywhere you will have plenty of time to explore the amazing cuisine, craft beers, riverside restaurants clock tower square and much much more.

City of Tsar Adventure

But Tryavna is not the only cultural gem for our co-living community and retreat guests. The old mountain capital of Veliko Tarnovo located on the Yantra River and known as the “City of the Tsars” is just a 25 min drive away North.

Our solo travellers and digital nomad guests can explore the old town river view restaurants and spectacular castle and cathedrals. It’s a more cosmopolitan vibe than Tryavna and has all the large chain amenities you would find in most large towns or small cities. However, it rich cultural history historic buildings and fabulous river views make it a must see.

In the area around Veliko and Tryavna there are endless places to visit and explore including caves, monasteries vineyards and much more. Heading South on the Veliko road will take you to Stara Zagora Lake, the Valley of the Roses and large areas of vineyards. Bulgaria is famous for its Rose oil production and a wide range of products can be purchased. In addition to the fantastic range of Bulgarian red wine this area is a winner with any solo traveller or digital nomad

Veliko Târnovo Destination

Embark on a journey of discovery with BalkanNomads!

Choose your adventure and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Balkan culture. Whether it’s hiking through breathtaking landscapes, savoring local flavors, or diving into the vibrant traditions, your next unforgettable experience awaits. Dive in now and let the adventure begin!

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