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Founded in 2020 as part of the RisingSoul community, BalkanNomads embodies a commitment to ethical, not-for-profit principles and a growing dedication to sustainability and eco-conscious living. That is committed to becoming evermore sustainable and eco consious, we are a group of nomads that sustain ourselves by running yoga retreats and hosting digital nomads.

What We Offer

Co-work, live, yoga – BalkanNomads style!

We currently offer Nomad stays with off season accomodation at the RS Retreat (please scroll down for info) with access to the new BalkanNomads Coworking Office. In additiion due to demand we expanded into a cohosting partnership with an elderly neighbour who owns a disused Hotel Creating BalkanNomads Hotel. Read Christinas Blog to see what our first spring guests had to say.

The building consists of a 20metre square coworking office with a large desk for 6 people and a smaller desk for two. A colour printer is available to use.

As location independent life gives us wonderful freedom, yet as digital nomads we all have to manage a life work balance, whilst travelling. So you can expect to find three sources of WIFI a 10 & 20 mb cabled WIFI with a back up of a 15mb 4G Mobex. From 2023 the BalkanNomads Coworking Office will have the cabled 20 – 25mb sytem and the back up the 15mb 4G Mobex system.

Whilst our wifi is very reliable please note we are a rural Bulgarian village and whilst it is rare, occasionally they may turn off the electric for servicing, our systems are electric dependant. We do have good 4G coverage and recommend that guests who are very internet dependant or have no flexability in their schedules purchase a data sim card for emergancies. A1 provide 60Gb for 20lv (prices correct 2022)

Shared use of this large community office Monday to Sunday and communal occasional use of a printer/scanner/copier will be included in your package price. If you require high quality or bulk printing, we work with a printer in Tryavna that can meet your needs at very reasonable prices and quick deadlines.

The Chai House has a seperate access but is part fo the same building and it will be open Mon – Fri from 14.00 – 17.00 if you wish to purchase smoothies, tea, coffee and other plant-based snacks and treats.

Luckily for our community this part of the Balkan Mountains has several well-kept secrets. And as a community we like to get out and about with our guests so whether your here for a workcation or long stay you will be welcome to join us on day trips you can find out more on our cultures & external activities on adventure page.

We are deeply committed to ecological food practices and promoting a diverse, plant-based diet. Our ethos revolves around minimizing environmental impact while maximizing nutritional value and variety. We prioritize sourcing ingredients locally, reducing waste, and eliminating plastic usage throughout our culinary endeavors.

From our vibrant vegetable gardens, which include tomatoes, peas, beans, potatoes, courgette, and other cole vegetables, to the restoration of fruit trees and orchards on our property, we cultivate a rich tapestry of flavors and nutrients. We celebrate the abundance of nature by offering two plant-based meals daily, complemented by the offerings of our Chai House, where guests can enjoy healthy snacks, homemade treats, and nourishing beverages.

Our commitment to ecological food extends beyond our plates, as we strive to foster a community that values environmental stewardship and respects the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Coworking Space in Nature

Connecting Nomads & Yoga In Nature

Daily, we unite through yoga asana, meditation practices, and nourishing plant-based meals, fostering our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being through positive self-care routines. Surrounded by forest and nature and like-minded people who are on their own journey to heal, strengthen positive life choices or find a healthy life work balance with the support of each other.

By getting to know the many nomads that have connected and stayed with us and listening to their feedback, we quickly identified the potential to expand and develop our facilities for digital nomads and potential team building events.

So, in late 2021 we became passionate about developing the BalkanNomads project providing a coworking space. that enabled those with full time remote work to join us without sharing the spaces with retreat guests. We also began to support location independent workers to join our community in a longer-term capacity by purchasing or renting accommodation in the village.

As the first step we began the process of securing a lease on a disused shop and election hall in the village, just a two-minute walk from our base. In June 2022 we were delighted that our local Tryavna Council and Mayor voted in support of our project enabling us to secure the lease.

Whilst the project was scheduled for renovation in the winter of 2022/23 we were delighted and excited to be able to reuse this abandoned building allowing us to open the first stage of the BalkanNomads Coworking Community Space and Chai House ahead of schedule.

Brunch at Balkan Nomads

Becoming a BalkanNomad

Would you like to be part of a developing sustainable nomads community? Maybe you feel like its time to have a base? Somewhere to call home thats super affordable and can even bring in an income when you are travelling! Then here is where you can read more to find out how to grow some roots in the Bohemian Balkans?

We are inspired and dedicated to developing a rural and rustic, yet vibrant nomads and travellers community, with opportunities to expand and provide long term nomads accommodation solutions.

Working with local people we are able to help with the option of buying or long term leasing various types of property in the village. This is even more appealing as we will also offer the service of managing your property as a rental income while your travelling. In light of this our once Floasis guest and now community friend Magdalena has purchased an old communist style bus stop and we are working with her to see what exciting referbishment plan she will decide on. she had the initiative to create a summer base that can be rented as a quirky cosy winter AirBNB hideaway.

If a yoga retreat isn’t your thing, your schedule is to busy right now to commit to practices or maybe your a solo traveller or couple interested in community life whilst still searching for privacy? Whatever your circumstances if you would like to have the life and health benefits of working in a rural mountain area, knowing that there is a social international community next door then please get in touch [email protected] using BalkanNomad Project as the subtitle.

We partner with a local village inn who can provide ensuite bedrooms and bedsits for long stays on a self catering bases at reasonable prices. When it comes to meeting other travellers and healthy self practices you are just two minutes away from a international community and daily yogi space of the RisingSoul Community. You are always welcome to join us for meals and events.

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