Welcome to BalkanNomads

Where the perfect blend of remote work and serene living awaits you. Our spacious and comfortable rooms, adorned in traditional Bulgarian style, provide a cozy home for digital nomads seeking a tranquil space to stay and work remotely.

Serene Workspace and Global Community Vibes

Imagine waking up to the stunning views of Bulgaria's enchanting forested mountains and immersing yourself in a workspace designed for productivity and inspiration. Our vast common room, with its wide expanse, is the ideal place to work remotely while feeling a sense of community with like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe. Whether you're collaborating on projects or enjoying moments of quiet focus, BalkanNomads offers a harmonious balance.

Balkan Nomads - Room 4

Huge, Comfortable Rooms in Traditional Bulgarian Style

Our rooms are not just spaces; they are a reflection of the rich cultural tapestry of Bulgaria. Space is designed in traditional Bulgarian style, providing a comfortable after a day of exploration or work. Feel the warmth of the traditional decor as you unwind and recharge for the next adventure.

Engage Your Mind, Body, and Soul

BalkanNomads goes beyond being a remote workplace; it's a holistic experience. With our sister Yoga Retreat project RisingSoul Retreats we invite you to immerse yourself in a range of activities that cater to your spiritual, artistic, physical, and mental well-being. Feast on locally sourced, plant-based meals that nourish your body, join invigorating yoga lessons to rejuvenate your spirit, and participate in various workshops that spark creativity and personal growth.

Coworking Space in Nature

For Explorers with Open Hearts

BalkanNomads is more than just a place to stay; it's a haven for those with open hearts ready for exploration and connection. Engage in the vibrant local culture, connect with fellow nomads, and let the spirit of creativity and collaboration thrive in our unique space.

Discover Your Nomadic Haven

Embark on a journey where comfort meets culture, and work seamlessly integrates with exploration. BalkanNomads invites you to not just stay, but to live, create, and connect in the heart of Bulgaria's captivating beauty.

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+37 126 727 381


552, 5363 Belitsa, Bulgaria